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V-Cap Audio Capacitors

V-Cap Reviews & Comments

"These caps are going to shock a lot of people. So much texture and body, with the detail and resolution...everyone's dream combo. They are, what the recording is..." ODAM V-Cap user comments

"...I consider the VH Fluoropolymer caps to be one of the most important developments in "High-End Audio" in the last decade. I say this from the perspective of an audiophile in general, and particularly as a hard-core modifier." Full Review

"...far more sonic improvement than any pair of interconnects, speaker cables or power cord could ever hope to. Are the V-Caps the ultimate in sonic clarity? Compared to all I've tried to date, yes they are." Full Review

"Ultimately, I give the crown to V-Cap as it is the most balanced and versatile capacitor ever made.." Full Review

"... the longer I hear their sonic improvements the more I appreciate them. This is because they directly address one of the most underrated (and under reported) problems of music reproduction; its fundamentally (and unavoidable) "mechanical nature". This is in stark contrast to live music, which is non-mechanical and totally "human" (and unpredictable)." Full Review

"I've had more than a few people come by and listen to my 2a3/Lowther-based system. Each of them knows it well. Each and every one of them was amazed at how much better it sounded after I upgraded..." Full Review

"...provided the absolute best sonic improvement of ANY single upgrade I have installed in any of my exclusive products or modifications..." Full Review

"...the V-Cap has better balance, greater detail, tighter bass and a much cleaner overall sound... The inner details of the music seem better revealed, sometimes for the first time." Full Review


The quotes above are just a few of the many comments made by Industry Icons, professional reviewers, modification professionals, musicians, and audiophiles who know GREAT sound when they hear it. Below, you will find even more reviews, shootouts, and other online buzz about V-Caps used in a wide variety of applications that range from electric guitars, guitar amplifiers, and recording studio gear to some of the most elite Audiophile preamps, amplifiers, CD players, DAC's and loudspeakers ever made.

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