Alex Courtney

Alex Courtney is an audiophile whose passion for music began early in his childhood. "My parents owned this wonderful vinyl record shop on 50th Street and Broadway in NYC... I can remember clearly spending hours playing one 78 or LP after the other. It was a kind of ecstasy... It was there that I remember hearing my first jazz album... In my late teens and early 20's I spent a great deal of social time hanging out in some of the great NYC jazz clubs like the Village Vanguard, Half Spot and Five Note, exposing me to some of the most amazing jazz legends of the 50s and 60s. It made an everlasting impression on me."

Alex is now an accomplished member of the entertainment industry. "Listening or being with music is more than just an interest, hobby, or love... it's an intimate relationship that I have had since childhood... a close friend... it's where I go to return to myself."

Alex had the V-Cap CuTF series installed into his Erato preamp by Fred Volz of Emotive Audio, and sent the following e-mail shortly after: (Published with Alex's permission):

"Received my preamp back from Fred Volz of Emotive with the CuTFs...

The most natural and real sound I have ever had and heard in my system.The caps are a huge contribution to one's experience and relationship to music.  It's a huge step towards one being with the music. It's closest I've been to music as it lives. The authenticity of these caps is amazing... nothing is forced, over-articulated or over-extended. You are truly listening to music as it is performed and not to a hi-end audio contortion of it.

The balance and the relationship between the lows, mids, and top-end are as natural and true as I have heard. I say this in the context that the component in question is designed with a strong commitment to the pure sound of music- to the performance as it was played.

In my system, the low end is particularly impressive. I have never quite heard the texture and sound of a bass or the skin and sticks of a drum as I do now. Playback is more intoxicating than ever. The absence of artificiality allows me the freedom to lose myself totally into the music. What a joy! Thanks, Chris."

Alex Courtney
New York, U.S.A.

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