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V-Cap Fluoropolymer Film and Tin Foil Audio Capacitors

TFTF: The first V-Cap audio capacitor series was launched in June, 2004. Chris VenHaus (of VH Audio) led a collaborative effort of engineers, materials scientists, and some highly respected audio industry icons to the first V-Cap product: the TFTF series Fluoropolymer Film and Tin Foil audio capacitors. While quietly flying under the mainstream audio press radar, hardcore tube equipment DIY'ers and high-end modification pros were abuzz over the performance of this new product, and regarded it as an instant classic. The V-Cap TFTF series is now considered by many audiophiles and industry professionals to be at the pinnacle of the price/performance curve for signal applications in audio electronics.

OIMP: Concurrent with the development of the TFTF series, a project was also underway to develop an oil impregnated capacitor that would meld the smooth, organic sound of paper-in-oil style caps with the improved performance and reliability of modern dielectrics and hermetic sealing. From this, the OIMP series of Oil Impregnated Metalized Polypropylene capacitors was launched in January of 2005. Again, the V-Cap OIMP series was recognized as an outstanding alternative to conventional oil capacitors, some of which had developed a reputation for being very unreliable, leaky, or overly colored. The OIMP series is now the secret ingredient found in many speaker crossovers, tubed output stages for DAC's, power supply bypasses, SS gear, and digital audio player docks.

CuTF: The most recent V-Cap creation is the CuTF series, launched in March of 2010. The CuTF series was designed from the ground up to take you to the soul of the music. Over the years, the V-Cap team developed partnerships with a select group of cutting-edge companies, and worked with them to help develop the materials and processes necessary to manufacture the CuTF series to our own, almost impossibly high standards. Expertise from some of the world's most respected engineers and scientists, as well as the invaluable contributions made by the cap winders, and finally our beta testers, all took us a step closer to the soul of the music...

After numerous prototypes, internal evaluations, and multiple rounds of beta testing by audiophiles, musicians, OEM's, and hardcore cap-rolling-o-holics, we reached our destination. The years of blood, sweat, tears, were washed away by comments like: "...unseen-before combination of extreme body, density with utmost detail", "A passive component that's truly passive.", "A new league of capacitor. The ability for transfer of musical emotion is outstanding.", "Every single time I listen to the new V-Cap, it has the dynamics and sharpness of a Ferrari and luxury and plushness of a Rolls-Royce.", "This capacitor simply disappears from the circuit.", and "as a professional pianist: I clearly hear the most accurate sounds of Steinway (right hand octaves) among any audio system I owned or auditioned.", etc...

Lastly, while they must remain anonymous, we'd like to extend our sincere gratitude to all the individuals who assisted in the development of all the V-Cap series. From the engineers, production staff, and dedicated master winders, to the musicians, recording engineers and audiophile beta testers who generously donated their time and effort to help evaluate- YOU are part of the V-Cap heart and soul. Thank you.


V-Cap CuTF Copper Foil and Fluoropolymer Film Audio Capacitor